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Be free to advertise your erotic business in a kink friendly environment!


Many Internet providers refuse to host web sites with erotic content and some just delete everything without notice (Yahoo, MSN, Telenet (Belgium)) - especially when they have a BDSM or otherwise kinky content. Under pressure from conservative political moralists, internet providers have deleted many groups which had kinky other erotic content.  

We at globalkink.com own and operate all our own servers and since we are kinky, we support the other kink businesses in our community. Globalkink.com  offers inexpensive, simple solutions for your internet needs ranging from hosting your web space to designing your business’s database driven web sites. As long as the content of your site is lawful. We will enjoy doing business with you. We are not able to work for free as the big boys are doing but they use a lot of your space for advertisements and also bandwidth. We do not put any advertisement on your web site except for a link to those who hold copyrights for the programs you use.

Also we are capable to produce your site completely for you with payment gateways. Often we base this on packages like Drupal, which has proven to be very stable and capable of handling high traffic websites. Most of our servers have video conversions capabilities and we have our own streaming server to bring video to PC, tablets and Mobile devices. Even live video broadcasts are possible. Contact us if you are looking for turn-key solutions to bring your picture, video content to the public.

Some examples of a special turn-key project we rolled out is www.mistresst.net, www.cearalynch.com and several more...

US law 18 U.S.C § 2257 normally does not apply to the sites we host since the sites are owned and operated by Globalkink, a Belgian based company not subject to the jurisdiction of US law.

We are able to help and support you to setup your site, from complete design to just setting up the template for a forum or shop. We have many potential solutions to offer, such as;

- Space for your own web site design.
- Forum
- Content management system (see example http://www.southwestleather.org, http://www.miamimeangirls.com/)
- Web shop
- Web mail, POP3 mail, IMAP. closed user group or a setup like hotmail)
- Photo galleries.
- Guest books
- Ads
- E-mail lists
- Webblog.
and more.

Our philosophy is quite simple, you are in charge of what is happening with your own web space and what you put on it. As an extra we can help you to setup free scripts to make a dynamic web site which you can control completely on your own.

You can use your web space with your own domain name (low cost) or if you wish use an extention on our domain names. Please contact us for our prices for a specific domain name.

Look for some possible solutions and prices on the next pages.

If you need your own server we are also capable of helping you there, since we also offer dedicated servers. For more information please contact us at info@globalkink.com


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