Global Kink

We have an agreement with several site where videos are banned due to the more and more stricter requirements from the credit card companies. Due to that there are thousands of videos banned from the sites or the site simply had to shut down. A lot of producers are seeing a decline in their revenue and some simply had to stop producing since their videos were not allowed by the payment processors. It is getting so nuts that even the appearance of men or women who look underage (age play or baby play) are being banned.

We publish those video but can only accept BTC payments, no credit/devit cards or any other form of payments. As said we have an agreement with the original producers and they get their share from any sales, so they will be able to keep producing even 'illegal' videos.

We just started (May 26th 2022) and videos will be published on weekly basis, but we try to publish more per week. Please be patient.


Globakink team

For any questions or problems please contact